Frequent questions and answers


For detailed or specific information about an artwork, product or inquires please send me a message or email me.



  • Is there a return or exchange policy?

Unfortunately no, all items for sale are one of a kind artwork pieces, even prints and other items, since all of them are customized or embellished making them unique. I will do my best to make sure you get your purchase in perfect condition and in time manner. Just please note that:
All sales are final.

  • How long it takes to ship?

It will take me from 1 to 7 days to drop package at the mail, from there it all depends on the region where is shipped.

  • Can I pick up artwork/items in person?

No. Shipping is practically included in the price (with some exceptions where shipping is added).

  • What kind of payments do you accept?

Anything that Stripe and Paypal accepts.

  • Can I buy directly person to person without using the cart or checkout?

Yes! Just send me an email or message me and tell me which artwork or product you would like to purchase. Payment can be done through Paypal person to person.

  • Can I buy artwork that you have at any given gallery directly from you?

No, anything I might have at any gallery is only available through them, this relationship allow us to provide artwork with a higher appraisal value, your investment on it as a collector will be well worth it.